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The Peninsular War - a supplement for Soldiers of Napoleon


Refight the many battles of the Peninsular War as France and her allies march in conquest of Portugal and Spain, with Soldiers of Napoleon’s exciting card-driven action sequence, creating tabletop wargames with dramatic tension, difficult tactical command decisions and a strong narrative that will make the battles feel like the Napoleonic period.

Included are: five army lists over seven years of fighting across Spain and Portugal, for the early years of the war, 1807-1811, and the later years, 1812-1814 as the alliance advance on, and then invade, France.

•  The Early Peninsular War, includes three army lists for the principal combatants: France’s Army of Spain against the alliance of the British and Portuguese armies, plus the loyalist
Spanish army.

•  The Late Peninsular War, includes two army lists for the combatants of the later campaign: France’s Army of Spain against the alliance of  the British, Portuguese and Spanish.

• Great Battles – Albuera, 1811, is a mini-campaign of five historical scenarios to refight the Battle of Albuera. Scenarios include: the French’s first feint towards Albuera village, the first and second assaults by the French V Corps on the southern flank at the southern knoll, a renewed assault on Albuera, and the finale, General Cole’s 4th Division’s counter-attack.

• New Rules and Unit Profiles, including new Unique Units for the armies, such as Spanish Guerrillas, new Commanders of Note and full unit profiles for all the army lists included.

80 pages.

You will need a copy of Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Card Set to fully appreciate and use this supplement, which you can find

The Peninsular War - Soldiers of Napoleon Supplement

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