We have been busy getting some new stuff ready with more in the pipeline.

Firstly we have a new figure, kneeling firing M-79 for the Vietnam War range of figures.

Coming soon will be some more figures for the Winter War including anti tank guns and crew, leaders and a crew firing a Lahti-L39 anti tank rifle.


We're also working on some additions to the South American Liberators range in the form of Venezuelan infantry and more cavalry for the Southern conflicts. First up a Royalist Frontier Dragoon as well as some more generic cavalry which will be useable for both sides of the conflict.

Please note, as from 1st July 2020 Royal mail will be increasing the shipping rates to the USA, consequently our rates will increase and the shipping costs to the USA will be much higher than currently.  

The cost of sending mail to the US is to set to rise dramatically from July 1, as the combination of COVID-19 international flight restrictions and changes in US policies on postal rates for incoming mail combine to create a worrying precedent for international mail.

Royal Mail in the UK is one of a number of international mail providers affected by the circumstances, with the price of sending International standard parcels to the US increasing by 49% on average, and the price of International signed and tracked parcels sent to the US increasing by an average of 38%.

Most of Royal Mail's international mail is carried on commercial passenger flights. There has been a 95% reduction in air passenger flights globally following the outbreak of Covid-19.

According to Royal Mail, this has led to a "five-fold increase in our air freight costs to the US".

The anti tank guns for the Winter War are coming along and will soon be heading off for molds to be made.  I have got to finish a few more figures to go on the mold then they will be ready.

The wheels for the guns, along with a few other wheels, have been designed digitally then 3D printed, they seem to have come out alright.

As an update to our previous statement, we have decided that, due to the slight easing of restrictions, we will once more be able to process your orders.  

Although the orders will be processed, Please bear in mind that some restrictions are still in place and mail delivery can still take longer than usual.

Thank you for your patience


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