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“Adventures of the British & Irish Legions” tells the tale of the approximately 6,000 men who joined the cause of South American Independence and fought under the banner of Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia. Using memoirs and firsthand accounts from the legionnaires themselves, their South American allies and their Spanish and Royalist foes “Adventures of the British & Irish Legions” focuses on the combat record of each expedition and the regiments that composed them. It is a complete, concise account that serves as a springboard for other sources, such as Ben Hughes recent “Conquer or Die” from Osprey Publishing. 

“Adventures of the British & Irish Legions” includes material that has never appeared in English as well as uniforms illustrations that are depicted for the first time ever anywhere. The scenarios offer the opportunity to recreate combats of a couple hundred men per side to battles with a couple thousand per side. They include town fights, fortress defenses, woods fights and open field battles. The bibliography and further reading section allows the reader to learn more about this fascinating topic. 



Adventures of the British & Irish Legions in South America

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