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What a Cowboy is a set of fun wargames rules for gunfight in the Wild West, ideally between four and ten figures a side. The rules are broken down into three sections. Firstly are the game rules which allow you to move, shoot and fight with your characters on the table. Secondly is the Character generation system which allows the creation of Characters with exactly that, character! Each Character may come with skills and traits that make them individual and over the course of a number of games they can develop those skills still further, maybe moving from a Greenhorn to a legend of the Wild West.

Finally, we have the complete What a Cowboy campaign system to allow you to create your own legend of how the West was won, with a series of games linking together to create a fabulous narrative campaign that sees your characters inhabit an inspiring world of vast landscapes and territories as they seek fame and, hopefully, fortune.

What a Cowboy is without doubt our best looking rule set to date with superb images from Jim Ibbotson and wonderful figures painted by John Savage. As well as a great game, this is a book to enjoy reading.

What a Cowboy Rule Set

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